Meet Renée

Hi!  I’m Renée and it’s so nice to meet you!


• I love chocolate, bright colors, yoga pants and romantic comedies (not necessarily in that order!)

• Skittles make me sweat.

• I can’t stand licking wood (ie: popsicle sticks) and it creeps me out to watch other people doing it!

• FACT: I cry during weddings.

• I’m married to my best friend, and we have two amazing rug-rats!

• My husband calls me a “Pinja” (a Pinterest-Ninja).  I love Pinterest!

• Most of the employee’s at Starbucks know me by name and can recite my favorite drink!

• I love making “art” from a photograph.

• I spend the majority of my working life in Photoshop and I love it. 


I live in Beautiful British Columbia (Canada) in a pretty small town.  I grew up here and I’m still lucky enough call it home, now with my wonderful husband (Alex) and my two beautiful babies (Sadie & Landon).


I'm passionate about creating actions and resources that really make your work stand-out from your competition!  Let's make your business thrive!  For more tools, tips, and tutorials, make sure you check out the blog by clicking here.  


~ Renée